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Freelance - Notes To Ledger - LadyO

When the time comes around and running out, that is the time we turn and shout. To all who remember, well, we all had a story to tell; years later it's a book to sell, in another name. However, same is the game, but crime does not pay, so don't flake or fame. Ill-gotten gains have ignited flame, an internal combustion for their shame. So we must trek on and we've heard the story before, your life must have meant so much more. Now take to the open floor. The difference between us and them, fare is fare and pay in the store, that's what money is for.....2002

LOCSSHIPMAN, freelance - Olivia Cheatham-Shipman

P.O. Box 1835, Madison Square Station
New York, New York 10159-1835

Freelance - Business Opportunities

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Freelance - General Advisory

Wildfire Co-op: affiliate program, free ad
Cognigen: online communications services
Rings MS Online: communications, affiliates program
Free Money Making Magazine: free offer, affiliate program
E Downline: mlm, affiliate program
LOCS Daily Quote: website/banner page
CD Now: CDstore, merchandise for sale
LOCSHIPMAN Media Depot: store, merchandise for sale
LIBS Fitness Tech Shop: store, merchandise for sale
Instant Publisher: publishing, and affiliate website