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P.O. Box 1835
Madison Square Station     
New York, New York  10159-1835

"Media Consulting, sales 
representation, promotional 
packages, events, venues, and 
productions; our specialty."

(212) 340-1018

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Olivia's Labs and Logic - Resume/bs.: website posted resume Olivia's work history
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LadyO's Biography: website posted biography (you are here)...
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Honorable Mentions for New York City Poet

LADYO DOES IT AGAIN!.......WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2008, 2005, And a new nomination for 2010 (American Biographical Institute). Formerly, Ms. New York City - American Woman 2003/2004. Now the finished book, from her open reading cameos within the last few seasons, has been printed the year (2006). "Around the Bend" currently on the Outskirts Press website, upgrades coming The celebrity signing has a suggested fundraiser attached to develop her new production office on social awareness issues. The dates, programming, auditions, and event recruiting are pending since the release date of her publication and newly titled nominations. Of her prestige are also Great Minds of the 21 Century, Order of American Ambasadors and Order of International Ambassadors, including a pending International Peace Prize from ABI. All those interested in sponsoring the event for blurbs, ads, premiums, giveaways, vending and booth assignments should prepare a business proposal or present a developed package......

(next, previously released...)

New York Poet/speaker, Olivia Cheatham-Shipman, (artistic/pen name - LadyO), has been awarded Editor's Choice with the International Library of Poetry. Also, by invitation being added to the Who's Who in Poetry.

Other noted accomplishments are Secretary General of the United Cultural Convention and of past years been Woman of the Year and International Woman of the Year with the American Biographical Institute and the International Biographical Centre societies. Here and abroad a well noted personality.

Being for social cause with effective change in the positive (we all have issues), and of great demeanor. She is a volunteer and advocate for the handicapped. Attends many charitable functions and gives of her time.

Also, with recent works has published with the renown of Noble House. Their most recent of anthologies "Theatre of the Mind". A graciously admirable entry on page 4, captions a brief biography and the poem "The World Waits on the right at page 5. Olivia Cheatham-Shipman has also published with Iliad Press for 9/11 dedications and tributes. Public notice and celebrated readings.

A national beauty for many years taking varied Miss/Ms. New York titles; a true competitor of esteem. However, due to an emergency, she will not be attending her summer event in Las Vegas. Wishing all well and for the better.

For future engagements, freelance writing, public readings, sports, civic and entertainment events in many art forms; singing, dancing, acting, and modeling, the above contact information is current for further correspondence. (That was 2004).

The time has come for the next step,...view for affiliates and concepts. To begin fundraising developments For other matters requests by mail...