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Today by LadyO

Today I saw you and you didn't even try to explain... But over and over again, plain as day, it is the unforeseen obstacle that gets in my way... Point being in verse to you, ask me what I like and then see how it will profit you... Very little I could say, it was over your head for asking anyway... From now on take a free tip, it wasn't a little button for your lip, but they way you stuck around like glue and your real name, I haven't one mere clue...signed shooshoo. Oh yeah, you knew!

In Time by LadyO

In time a day can be different from one second it's gone and no one will know the difference. It is surreal. In time a moment will falter one thought turns to vapor and weary eyes drenched with tears Second by second growing into years In time for real.

Know Well by LadyO

Timing is everything as one might say To light, to night, noon time and day But question character anyway. It's a long life of crime and some pay dearly, In truth, time will tell then to everything oh, well!

Around the Bend by LadyO

Around the bend, on the curve Pull the number, sweaty palms, check to check , I swerve. It's a snap, to my nerve Tying lace, on the middle lane The half-time show, out on the plain Now, over the top The world won't be the same Going for the gold, what a claim to fame Chasing a belated postmark, for my name...

Notes to Ledger by LadyO

When the time comes around and running out, that is the time we turn and shout To all who remember well, we all had a story to tell Years later, it's a book to sell; in another name. However, same is the game but crime doesnot pay, so don't flake or fame an internal combustion for their shame. So we must trek on and we've heard the story before your life must have meant so much more. Now, take to the open floor The difference between us and them, fare is fair and pay in the store, that's what money is for...

Journey by LadyO

A task you ask is a deed to remember A deed, oh steed is a work of art. And work is something worlds apart from here It's an adventure like a Journey for explorers who dig. Day after day, year after year, a quest for a new gig. The laptop lounge, now that's thinking, big!

Making Cents by LadyO

The world has many treasures full of many pleasures Some vague, some vogue, plenty simple and some stroge. But it's all about a monopoly, from a former aristocracy What a surplus in history. It makes no cents to me... However, to feed the poor, is a great charity A real sense of reality...

To minds, ...I by LadyO

I can only tell what it is we see, from now and then, or is it here and now one's own eternity Day after day, we will all say, a different phrase to quote another way, in our minds for thoughts to stay open and clear After that and yet how would we know that within time, how will it show What is it that we have all done, hope is like marriage but yet, we still all, are not one Breathless, but not faint of heart, taking a moment to ensure a better start, to all the daily deeds that the world needs to visualize and surely not despise Eternity is clear for one in art for what more can cause social change, an effect of genre, and not derange; our way of life to focus and be aware, of social poverty and despair We thrive for many things, tunes and mechanical parts seeking new ways to develop spoken words, maturing our speech In point, we should not profane the right, honor, and privilege to teach, anew.

One Step Away by LadyO

We were one step away from a world of peace In grandeur and venture and many a speech One step away for saving hands to reach. Then in a flash, our hopes were dashed And many loved ones fallen to smoke and ash As we reflect one step away to the cemetery plot Now, who draws the lot, of our burdens while being left here. Then the sun sets to a brand new year One step away, to our future is what is left today Life is life and we must take it, day after day. We will watch time passing, one step away, to infinity.

One More Time by LadyO

It wasn't that long ago, when we met face to face, you know And now it's the overflow pitter-patter off we go. Through the smoke and tears of yester years, a horrid reality of fears. Our fallen and shattered peers One more time, we would like to say, a last spoken word, a kinder way, to communicate together but one more time is fair weather Not once, or twice, yeah I say thrice, hitch the turnip wagon, it's a litter of mice After the fire and ash, again our paths do crash. Looters everywhere, too much greed for cash. Let's try, one more time, for peace, is all I ask.

Olivia Cheatham-Shipman/LADYO (LFD)
Ms. New York City - American Woman 2003/2004
P.O. Box 1835, Madison Square Station
New York, New York 10159-1835