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Taking it personally, that no one ever recalls that when the secretarial pool opened out to women during the movie era of society, especially television in the 40's, the women did the typesettings, logos, ad slicks, and poster work. I have been an ad executive since age 19 and was raised in the USO. However, some how too many people have fallen short of honest work. I am the 2002 recordings and all of them went top 40. Concerts are nice, but there was no overdub, ques, or anything else but me. Performance pay is a whole different ballpark from royalty checks.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Rose Royce
Favorite TV show: Honeymooners
Favorite movie: Bourne Identity
Favorite book: The Color Purple
Favorite sports team: NY Knickerbockers
Favorite food: Pasta

My Hobbies

Arts & Entertainment, volunteering for the charities, i.e., Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS chapters, tutoring programs, and a variety of sports.

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